Arcobaleno is an ideal association. The goal of the association is to widen the culture offer and promote music life, offering music tuition individually and in group. Music is taught using songs, rhythm and movement with a holistic approach. We work with the conviction that pupils should be given the chance to develop and experience music actively and that the individual contribution should be stimulated. Arcobaleno is situated in the centre of Stockholm.

Instrumental tuition

Students of all ages can choose instrumental tuition on recorder, piano and guitar as individual lessons or in small groups. We work with notation, aural training, individual music making and chord playing.

You can reach us with the buses 4, 42 and 44. The nearest underground station is Karlaplan


Giovanna Orbelli has degrees in Music Education and recorder from the Conservatorio di Musica in Verona, from the Trinity College of Music and the Roehampton Institute, London. Between 1984 and 1991 she was "Head of Music" at the Oratory Primary School, Chelsea. In 1993 she composed the children's opera "Låt mig simma fri" which was performed during the Water Festival the same year and won the Arts Council scholarship in 1994. In 1996 Giovanna Orbelli founded Arcobaleno Music School based on the pedagogical method of Carl Orff Schulwerk. She now runs several courses at her studio and teaches at the British International Primary School, Förskolan Knattarna, Solvändan Montessori, Les Melodies, Planet Kids among others.

Giovanna has published the following articles:

”Far crescere il seme della spiritualità” on the magazine ”Poesia e Spiritualità” – Semestrale di Ricerca transdisciplinare – Anno III Numero 5 – Aprile 2011 - Editor Donatella Bissuti

” Teaching Rhythm with Stones” on the Magazine ”Orff Times” March 2015

Giovanna´s mobile phone number is
070-299 78 71

Piano pedagogue Cajsa Trepte graduated at Örebro Musikhögskola 1997, where she studied piano for Bengt Olof Sahlin and Lennart Ågren. In the spring of 2003 after three years of studies for Mayumi Kamata and Ulf Söderberg she got a musicians degree in harpsichord at Kungliga Musikhögskolan. She has many years of experience as a piano teacher, teacher in theory and choir leader, first at Risbergska skolan in Örebro and then at Nässjö musikskola and Botkyrka kulturskola. Cajsa has been working for several years at Arcobaleno Music School, moreover she is working as the music teacher in Kärrdalsskolan Sollentuna. She is also a freelance musician both on the harpsichord and the piano. Cajsa´s mobile phone number is 070-542 29 64